About SNSplus

Adopting comprehensive "Pan Entertainment" services as the main strategy, SNSplus, Inc. is committed to game publishing and operations in the Asian market. By synergizing the cross-national, cross-industry, and cross-platform advantages, we bring high-quality digital services to market, aiming to build up the core brand value through innovative ideas and techniques.

What We Do

SNSplus, Inc. as a leading social, web and mobile game publisher, we support our partners with a tailored strategy as well as a local perspective for the key markets that we operate in. We provide complete services encompassing data analysis, payment integration, gaming experience that are in tune with local consumption habits. With the synergy created between live streaming, movie, TV shows and the game promotion, we aim to build a better entertainment ecology.

  • Service/Publishing

    • Game Publishing: Provide mobile and web game publishing and operation in Taiwan and abroad
    • Localized server: Localized customer service and promotional operation
    • Live stream operation: Provide Live streaming service, engaging audience on social media
  • Platform Operations

    • The advantage of having a large user base:Provide services at home and abroad, have more than 10 million members
    • Active platform members: 4.31 million members from Thailand, 4.16 million members from Taiwan.
    • Facebook Fanspage members: More than 6 million.
    • Data analysis advangtage: Build a precise strategy based on data, and increase stickiness of the players as well as reduce the cost of user acquisition.
  • Content production/Licensing

    • The percentage of users aged between 18-34 who watch movies and TV on mobile devices has reached 70%.
    • Starting 2015, began production of the internet show ; In 2016 the experienced and famous producer Wang Jun joined the team, further exhanced the Pan-entertainment function.

Our History

  • Apr-17


    好玩家首度跨足VR應用領域  攜手公視打造360度虛擬環景體驗

  • Nov-16


    好玩家佈局泛娛樂事業!資深王牌製作人王鈞 加入SNSplus好玩家團隊

  • Oct-16


    好玩家以自建平台方式進軍泰國網路直播市場,SoQ Live雙版本上線

  • Sep-16


    好玩家取得角川GAMES旗下首款自行研發之手機遊戲《STARLY GIRLS 星娘》之繁中亞洲版海外唯一發行權

  • Jul-15



  • Jun-16



  • Apr-16



  • Mar-16


    SNSplus好玩家以「文化新(薪)傳 – 風起雲湧雲州大儒俠」計畫,榮獲文化部「文化創意產業補助計畫」肯定。

  • Dec-15


    好玩家拿下日本KADOKAWA GAMES手遊新作亞洲市場獨家發行權,全力推進共同事業




  • Sep-15


    好玩家宣布與知名App搜尋引擎商Fiiser跨界技術合作, 打造全台唯一的開放式大數據遊戲平台

  • Jun-15


  • Feb-15

    Partnered with Boyaa Interactive International Limited in Thailand. 

  • Jan-15

    The Board of SNSplus pass the resolutions to invest the Big Data Analytics.

    SNSplus was invited to TPO Forum, which was held by WI Harper and Start Up Taiwan.

  • Dec-14

    SNSplus officially enter the emerging stock market  on December 8th in Taiwan. 

    SNSplus was invited to The 24th Joint Economic Cooperation Meeting between Chinese International Economic Cooperation Association and The Federation of Thai Industries.

  • Nov-14

    The Board of SNSplus pass the resolutions to invest Shanghai JiZE Game, the game developer of "Sengoku Valkyries Story". 

    " Sengoku Valkyries Story" Launched in Japan and kept top 1 ranking in game category. Also launched "真殺" in Taiwan.

  • Oct-14

    SNSplus completed 120 million capital increase procedure in  Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Japan, Taiwan and going to enter the emerging stock market in early December in Taiwan. 

  • Aug-14

    SNSplus got the stock ticker symbol (6473) on August 26th.

  • Jul-14

    Ccooperated with  Formaosa Television Inc. and launched "Flying Dragons".

    Won trust among international investors such as Intel Capital, WI Harper and Matrix Partners.

  • Jun- 14

    "Ipoker" hit the highest mobile game revenue within a month and also kept top 10 ranking in game category in Thailand.

  • May-14

    "Sengoku Valkyries Stories" launched on iOS plarform in Thailand.

  • Apr-14

    "Sengoku Valkyries Stories" launched a promotion event in Thailand. A trailer with SNSplus, Inc logo on it, and taking hundreds of show girls on. It was the first flash mob event in gaming world in Thailand.

  • Feb-14


  • Jan-14

    "Dancing Girl Warrior" launched on iOS and Android platforms on 2014/1/9.

    "Three Kingdom Jumping" released on iOS and Android platforms on 2014/1/7.

  • Dec-13

    "Three Kingdom Monopoly" landed on both iOS and Android platforms on 2013/12/20.

  • Aug-13

    Published SNSplus brand's own "GAMAGIC" platform, expanding to the Online game market in Japan.
    Released the first co-development mobile game title "Dancing Three Kingdoms".

  • Jul-13

    Partnered with Movie Star Nicky Wu with the Web game "Bride with White Hair", arousing heated discussions. Publishing"Tower of Savior" mobile game in Thailand, first month total number of registered members has reached 200,000

  • Jun-13

    Cooperating with various APP startup companies, ushering in the mobile smart phone and tabloid devices fields.

  • Dec-12

    Won nomination as"The First Outstanding Corporation and Key Consulting Group" held by Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs.
    "20E Girls" group established, promoting SNSplus brand's own "GAMAGIC" platform, showcasing the strengths of international marketing.
    The Social Game "Cutepig" has won"The Best Social Game" award at [Event Bangkok International Game 2012]
    The Web game "DD Tank" has won the"Premier Partner" award at [Boomz Asian Cup]

  • Jun-12

    Released Web game titled"Kings and Legends", The number of total registered users passed 300,000 within two months after the release date.

  • May-12

    Acquired Natumi, Inc, further expanding business to Web and Mobile game fields.

  • Dec-11

    Launched SNSplus brand's own platform "GAMAGIC", consolidating the performance in South East Asia.
    The Social Game "Cutepig" title has won the"The Best Social Game" award at [Thailand Game Show 2011].
    Received investments from Intel Capital, WI Harper, Matrix Partners.

  • Mar-11

    Reinvested in Be Grand in Thailand, providing marketing, customer care and social game localization services, attempting to further cultivate the Thai Social Gaming market.

  • Nov-10

    Integrated resources and enhanced the technical services by acquiring Mymaji, transitioning to an online platform operator and social game developer.

  • Aug-10

    Released the Social Game titled "Cutepig", monthly revenue surpassed 1 million USD in Thailand, and laid the foundation stone for further expansion in South East Asia.


Since its inception, SNSplus, Inc. hasn’t left the corporate social responsibility behind as it’s equally important to pursue the business growth. Through holding various volunteering activities, it has thoroughly executed the enterprising spirit, with an attempt to make contribution to the social as well as the environment. For instance, caring for the socially vulnerable groups, dedicated to charitable events, donating 3C appliances to Taiwan charity group. Furthermore, SNSplus employees have also raised funds for those who have suffered loss during the Kaohsiung gas explosion.

高雄氣爆事件 好玩家捐款一百萬元 協助災民重建家園

SNSplus has long been dedicated to charitable events and deeply understood that only through long-term and practical caring can truly make a better change for the society. Starting 2016 it has cooperated with ANDREW charity Association by serving a one-year volunteering work. During this one-year of serving, all SNSplus employees must make their presence at least once on site and have served in total 700 working hours. Charitable events bring to both the givers and receivers happiness and keep our colleagues enthusiastic towards their work.




SNSplus, Inc, is now a leading international social, web, mobile game publisher, one of the top global social publisher brands, partnering with MSN by the end of 2012 to bring the best games to the MSN GAMAGIC game portal in Taiwan.

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    Civic Organization
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    Monthly Birthday Parties
  • Cash Gifts For Wedding
    Group Insurance
    Employees Health Examination
  • Childbirth Subsidy
    Contribution of Pension Funds
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    Two-day Weekend
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  • Integrated Employee Training
    Maternity Leave

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《STARLY GIRLS 星娘》為日本角川GAMES首款手遊作品,並由SNSplus獲得亞洲唯一發行權。《STARLY GIRLS 星娘》以壯闊的宇宙為背景,搭配上美少女星娘們駕駛強力戰鬥機器人的反差萌,並邀請多位知名聲優如水樹奈奈Nana Mizuki配音,帶給玩家全方位的遊戲饗宴。角川GAMES開發團隊整合了過往家用遊戲機遊戲與網頁遊戲的開發經驗全力打造,搭配繪製精美的人物設定,必將激起喜愛日系風格遊戲玩家們心中的熱血!

Sengoku Valkyries Stories

Case Study

Since its launch in January till now, Sengoku Valkyries Story keeps top 20 ranking in the category of Card and SLG and Top 100 in game category.

  • Genre
  • Card + SLG
  • Supported Platforms
  • Android, iOS
  • Release Date
  • 2013/8~2013/12 (Development) ,2014/ 1 (Launch)




  • Genre
  • ARPG
  • Release Date
  • 2016

Flying Dragons

Case Study

Flying Dragons, a puzzle game features Taiwan's famous TV drama IP characters. We target the market of casual games for middle and elderly aged users.

  • Genre
  • Puzzle Game (match three)
  • Supported Platforms
  • Android, iOS
  • Release Date
  • 2014/8