SNSplus, Inc. is not just an international, social, web-based and mobile gaming company. It also possesses strong capabilities for joint development, to quickly take high-quality games to the international market, through leveraging innovative strategies to create brand value. An internationally trusted brand in social gaming operations, SNSplus partnered with Microsoft in 2012 to bring Microsoft’s best games to the GAMAGIC game portal. Due to its solid prospects in online game operations, it has attracted investment and participation from WI Harper, and matrix Partners, the US-EU fund-raiser, being the only Taiwanese gaming company to receive simultaneous investments from these three international investors.

Brand and profit win-win goal with partners together

Specializing in game distribution and localization, we provide services covering platform publishing, server and bandwidth provision, customer support, and localized marketing services and reinforcement of own brand platform, GAMAGIC, operations for gamers to timely enjoy fun with games. In addition, we help partners to win a place in the market through cost reduction and quick launch, so as to achieve the ultimate win-win goal of brand and profit together.

Leading brand of Southeast Asia, leader of Asia, and benchmarking enterprise of the world

As a rising star in Southeast Asia, we have already accumulated over ten million members. In 2010 there were nearly six million active members. Cutepig, a fun and interesting community game, has attracted over eight million members. In Taiwan, Kings and Legend, a browser game that brought a big hit, attracted over 300,000 members in just two months. In addition, we further developed the game entertainment business by deploying the mobile game market ahead of others with iPoker and Tower of Saviors and created brilliant results in Thailand, thus enabling us to set a foothold in Southeast Asia and lead international trends.

Cultivating Taiwan: Promoting Taiwanese Brands to the World

SNSplus has started collaborative development with Taiwanese game developers. In August 2013 we started game development through collaboration with a great number of emerging app developers, so as to enter the smart device platform. In August, we launched the Hime Sanguko, the first mobile game from joint development. To create even more sparkling results, we are aggressively launching cooperation with the academia and the elite of the industry, so as to invest in ore passion and fun ideas. Believing that more people should know more about the creativity of Taiwan, we are committed to promoting Taiwanese brands to the world and becoming a benchmarking enterprise.