Sales Territories

Major Markets:

SNSplus, Inc. are committed to game publishing and operations in the Asian market. By synergizing the cross-national, cross-industry, and cross-platform advantages, we bring high-quality digital services to market, aiming to build up the core brand values via innovative ideas and techniques.

  • 2010: Publish the signature game in Thailand 
  • 2011: Set up Thailand subsidiary company SNSplus Thailand, launch the localized operation services
  • 2013: Enter the Japan market
  • 2014: Set up Japan subsidiary company Amuzism, the signature game has achieved the top 25 place among Google play’s free game chart, has ranked the top 20 among the Google play’s free game chart

Apart from operating games in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao markets, SNSplus has extended its presence to the high-end Japan market as well as the thriving Thailand market, adhering to the localized perspective, we strive to deliver the most creative gaming experience to the players. 

Japan subsidiary company Amuzism

SNSplus has entered the Japan market in 2014 and set up child company Amuzism, apart from publishing games in Japan, Amuzism provides services ranging from voice actors/actresses arrangement, arts resource outsourcing to script, music PV production, performing a wide variety of roles as developers’ strong partner.

Thailand Subsidiary Company

SNSplus Thailand as a leading game publisher mainly operate games with a focus on the Thailand market. Aiming to bring the best high-quality games to market, SNSplus Thailand has set an example among the Thai gaming markets by establishing the first gaming platform. We constantly strive to meet the diverse demands of our players and enhance the competitiveness through cooperation with valuable partners. 

  • 2010: has hit both the revenue and membership record and has been awarded the title of "Best Social Game of Thailand”.
  • 2014: has set an example for the Thailand game market by holding grand roadshow event.
  • 2014 up till now: iPoker Thailand’s flagship poker game, since it’s been launch, it has consistently ranked among the top among the poker games list.
  • 2018: Has held the first leg of the SNSplus Poker Tournament (SPT) event.